Our Company

History and information about our company and how it all started.

Host Duplex History

Why can't an excellent product be met with unwavering customer service?  We realized that there needed to be a change in an industry that is fueled by a profit first mentality. In 2008, we created Host Duplex, a company who puts the customer first in their equation for success.  Host Duplex is successful because of the unwavering honesty with our clients; not by technological gimmicks or flashy empty promises.

Our mission is to offer the client industry leading service alongside a perpetually excellent technical support.  There should be no ambiguity when it comes to meeting the needs of a client.  This is why we offer 24/7/365 technical support to ensure that your needs are met.  We understand that in today's technological age, a website going down for even a minute can cause a drastic shift towards a company's image. Thus, Host Duplex is dedicated to an uninterrupted uptime to maximize your success.

EXECUTIVE Staff Members

Sam Jadali - Founder
Jimmy Rhim - VP Marketing & Sales
Hoeun Kim - Operations Manager
Paymon Mohammadi -Engineer

Simple to Use

With our web-based control panel, you can view and manage your shared and reseller hosting account's features immediately. View your latest web statistics or add an email account.

Lots of Resources

With our XenServer VPS Plans, we can change your virtual private server's resources on-demand. Need an additional CPU core? No problem.