The Duplex Advantage

Here are the top 10 reasons (but not the only reasons) that you should join our hosting.

Why choose Host Duplex? A better question would be "Why Not?" We offer a lot of incentives, but here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose us:

10. technology

With our powerful virtualization technology including our on-demand scalability services for your virtual private servers, there's no better time to take advantage of our hosting services. Whether you need powerful virtualization, or hosting services designed for your small business or servers to help power your data intensive web site, now is the best time. We only use Dell PowerEdge servers which have proven themselves as the industry leader in today's server market.

9. data center

The redundancy that our datacenters provide ensure that anything short of a nuclear missile will be covered and your data will not be lost.  However, should there be a catastrophe, Host Duplex also maintains off-site backups (optional) to ensure minimal data loss.

8. home cooked

Host Duplex was created  by Sam Jadali, a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in the web hosting industry.  The entire staff consists of past and present entrepreneurs who understand the ins and outs and hardships that supplement small to midsize businesses.  While other large firms may be out of touch, our staff is empathetic to your needs.

7. active development

Our IT staff is constantly researching and testing both hardware and software to provide you with the most up to date tools we can get our hands to ensure efficient and reliable service. 

6. security

On top of our servers being stationed at the viable Fort Knox of data centers, our technical staff receives real time updates should any of our security protocols goes down.  Our hatred for hackers and spam goes beyond the normal realms of animosity and we're dedicated to ensuring that your data is protected from  attacks.

5. customer support

Host Duplex puts the customers first, even before our own mothers.  In a profit-before-satisfaction industry, HD is setting the bar in customer service and technical support. 

• You can email our tech support at any time and receive the same caliber of service
• You will never wait more than 24 hours after submitting a trouble ticket
• You will always receive explanations in terms YOU understand
• You will never find 'outsourced Billy' providing you technical support

4. honesty

How many companies offer empty promises?  How many companies offer 'unlimited' service but then suspend your account once you've exceeded bandwidth as stated in the Terms of Service?  If unlimited were true, then the need for Dedicated Servers would be obsolete, and every website in the world would be able to run under one provider for $5.99/ month.  HD will never offer a service we can't provide and we won't overload you with technical jargon to trick you into a purchase. 

3. value

The plans we offer for Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Servers are very affordable.  On top of competitive pricing, the technical service we offer will provide peace of mind so you can go on with your day free of anxiety.  That's free of charge.

2. uptime

We would be lying if we said that other companies weren't focused on constant uptime.  HD beats the competition because our servers send out real-time alerts to our technical support so we will solve your problems before you realize it.

1. The Most Reliable & Friendliest Staff

You can rely on us when it comes to your hosting needs. We are here for your success.

Simple to Use

With our web-based control panel, you can view and manage your shared and reseller hosting account's features immediately. View your latest web statistics or add an email account.

Lots of Resources

With our XenServer VPS Plans, we can change your virtual private server's resources on-demand. Need an additional CPU core? No problem.