Career Opportunities

We understand our greatest commodity is our employees

Host Duplex Career Opportunities

Why Work With Us?

At Host Duplex, we understand our greatest commodity is our employees. We value your talent and skill and have therefore created a work environment that is relaxed and advantageous to your creativity.

We are always looking for talented individuals looking to advance their careers. We love people who aren't afraid to utilize their full potential and tackle challenges head on to find resourceful ways to solve problems.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Executive team at Host Duplex all come from various entrepreneurial backgrounds and know what it takes to start and maintain a growing business. This means that we believe work should be fun, and the work environment should be the same. Host Duplex isn't conventional and we always welcome ingenuity and new ideas. We like our employees to pitch new ideas and prospects like a giant think tank.

Diversity and Inclusion

Host Duplex values diversity and will never discriminate based on gender, race, religion, age, or handicap. Host Duplex is an equal opportunity employer and we view diversity in our workforce as a strategic advantage. A nondiscriminatory workforce means we have a workforce from all walks of life, bringing different talents, knowledge, insights, skills, and experience to the table.

The opportunities with Host Duplex are great, but the benefits are even greater.

To join our team please contact: jobs@hostduplex.com


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Lots of Resources

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