HD Support™ Overview

Committed to providing the best experience for you.

HD Support™

What makes us a great support team?

We know what we need to get done to make your hosting experience the best it can be. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure you won't have any problems.


When responding to your questions, our support team focuses on the following:
1. FCR (First Contact Resolution)
2. Clear
3. To the point


We have what it takes to have your experience stick with you so that you don't have to leave our hosting.


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Simple to Use

With our web-based control panel, you can view and manage your shared and reseller hosting account's features immediately. View your latest web statistics or add an email account.

Lots of Resources

With our XenServer VPS Plans, we can change your virtual private server's resources on-demand. Need an additional CPU core? No problem.