XenServer VPS Web Hosting Overview

Utilizing the best hardware virtualization technology available

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On-Demand Scalability

Host Duplex uses Citrix XenServer virtualization technology along with our own proprietary technology to offer on-demand scalability to your VPS system.

No downtime involved. When you need a RAM, CPU, or Hard Drive upgrade, simply open a support ticket, and we will upgrade your VPS service within 10 minutes or less.

All of our XenServer plans are hosted on the industry best Dell PowerEdge servers.


Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer

XenServer has proven to be the most reliable virtualization technology out there. XenServer utilizes the full hardware virtualization technology offered by our Dell PowerEdge Servers


xenserver vps plans include:

CentOS 5

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HD Support™

We are a team dedicated to not only fast response times but short resolutions times. We are available via live chat, phone, or 24/7 through our online support system.

Lots of Resources

With our XenServer VPS Plans, we can change your virtual private server's resources on-demand. Need an additional CPU core? No problem.